Sunday, 29 September 2013

Adam and Hannah create an expansion

(thanks to Andrew for the title!)

The Easton four got together this Thursday for a gossip about new players and family growth. When the conversation flagged we decided to play St Petersburg, the fun and inspirational story of Tsar Peter the Great.

The backbone of the game is the honest toil of the working class, who you need to own a lot of if you want to get anywhere. Then there are the buildings that their toil allows you to purchase. Anja got two high-value buildings very early on to get points going very quickly while Hannah and I nabbed observatories that allowed us to pick up a card from the pile of our choice each turn - early on it was extra proles to help our money-making, later we both picked up Aristocrats.

Steve played a balanced game, but delivered a hammer blow to me by picking up the only aristocrat available on the last turn even though it benefited him naught. But those ten lost points didn't quite ruin my game and I snuck ahead of Anja at the very last with my nine out of ten Aristos:

Adam 79
Anja 75
Hannah 66
Steve 63

The non-observatory-pickers-up claimed the win was mostly due to how powerful they are (observatories, not Anja and Steve) so perhaps next time we should leave them out? The prize for the magnificent victory was more baby paraphernalia than even Tsar Peter would ever need... (thanks Anja and Steve!)

Hey Andrew - what does that do to the table?


I'll tell you... but I'll do it in a bigger font.

So in the end, our season didn't quite have the final day showdown like they did in Women's football, since James didn't play a three-player game on Friday. Adam's win consolidates his first place in Points Ratio and puts him in second. I'm king of the hill in terms of points.

Other little nuggets of numbers: Sam scored the biggest win, statistically speaking, with his 67, 41, 38, 37, 36 victory in Metro. However, he also has the biggest defeat, in Railways of the World that ended 81, 72, 68, 66, 58. A true all-rounder!

See you all in a couple of days for the opening ceremony of the new season!  Woo hoo!


  1. Congratulations to "true' champion Adam (points ratio) and also to champion-in-all-other-forms - surely a truth worthy of the name champion - Andrew. Having told Joe that I thought coming from Plymouth had affected my 'game' and I would be a whole new proposition having not travelled for 2 and a half hours to get there, I now can't make it for the next couple of weeks. Not on Tuesdays anyway... Enjoy the start to the new season everybody!

  2. Gosh, and congrats again to Adam and Hannah on some Real Life News!

  3. HOLD ON! We did play on Friday. That last report was from Monday. I'm just getting round to doing Fridays report. News to follow!

  4. This season's finale goes on longer than Lord Of The Rings!