Tuesday, 28 January 2014

They’re playing No Thanks on Korean TV!

There’s a game show on Korean TV at the moment that I’m a big fan of, called The Genius. Every week the same contestants meet and play each other at “Prisoner Dilemma” type games: the kind where it seems like luck how well you do, but there’s always a method to win. Each week, one contestant is eliminated from the game.

This week, they played No Thanks! They called it The Minus Auction, but it was definitely No Thanks. It wasn’t exactly the same. There were plenty of breaks during the game which game people opportunities to form alliances, since only the person who came last would be punished. This changed the game quite a lot, especially since you were also able to give people chips.

This meant I wasn’t able to learn any new tactics that I could use at a games night, but I will just mention this: the person who took the lowest values came joint first! So that strategy can win!

It was nice to see a board game get played on TV, even if it is several thousand miles away, and it’s sort of disguised so it doesn't look like a board game. Plus, all of the contestants said how much fun it was. So what next? 6nimmt? Skull and Roses? I think these games have TV potential. And who knows, if those are successful, then Railways of the World can’t be far behind.


  1. And there was a round on German-style board games on University Challenge last night!

  2. That's nothing. Last night I played Take it Easy with my MUM.

  3. There's an episode of The Big Bang Theory where they are playing Ticket to Ride. Although they were holding all of the cards, routes and carriages in their hands.