Thursday, 6 February 2014

Highs and L.O.W

James and I resumed our two player battles last night with another randomly picked selection of Lords of Waterdeep and Aton. James said that he had been daydreaming about Lords of Waterdeep on the way over and was pleased as punch when it came out first. L.o.W gets a bit of a hard time on forums for being a bit light but I never think "Oh no not that again" and it always leaves me with a happy feeling afterwards and I quite like a complicated game.

Due to our collective experience it was going to be a close contest. It became obvious after the first few rounds what type of cards we aiming at to gain the extra lord bonuses and even though we both sought Warfare it didn't create any problems. With both of us completing a mixture of helpful low scoring cards and picking up goodies or plot quests (On going bonuses) and expensive big scorers our little scoring counters played a twee game of leap frog around the board. In round 8, the final round, I was able to complete one more quest than James which pushed me ahead just enough to escape his impressive 10 card and forty point bonus at the end.

Chris - 207
James - 188

Next up Aton. Both of us needed a rules refresher. The winner of this game was going to be the person who could recall any tactics from the many matches we had played in previously. In the past James was quite a pro at this one. Although the rules were a little hazy the successful tactics had remained hidden in a tiny unused section of my memory marked "winning moves" and suddenly I was filling up the temples with red markers and scoring heavily..

Chris - 61
James - 34

No idea what this does for our mini league. James might know. I think I'm still a big behind.

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