Sunday, 14 December 2014

History re-written: Sam wins a Perfect Five

Today I was reading old entries on the blog, trying to find the evening when we played games while Stokes Croft burned. When I found it I noticed that, in the comments, Adam mentioned Sam winning five games in a row. This was before the Form Table, and the concept of The Perfect Five hadn’t been invented, so I went back and checked to make sure all five games were leaderboard, and they were!

For the record, Sam’s Perfect Five wins were...

25th July 2011

Poison: Sam 14, Quentin 22, Joe 34, Andrew 37

3rd August 2011

7 Wonders: Sam 62, Paul 59, Andrew 46, Chris 45
Tinners’ Trail: Sam 87, Adam 82, Steve 64, Jonny 64
Poison: Sam 17, Adam 20, Steve 29

10th August 2011

Tsuro: Sam beat Hannah, Sally and Andrew

Congratulations! Just like West Aukland FC can lay claim to winning the World Cup before there was a World Cup, now Sam can make a similar claim regarding the Perfect Five!


  1. Well, I'll be blowed. Thanks to Adam for mentioning it, and to Andrew for checking it. Also my agent and my team, without whom etc etc

  2. Well done Sam!

    And let's not re-visit Tinners Trail-gate - none of us wants that, surely. A rare moment of disharmony in the clan. :)

  3. Thanks Joe. I've been holding up my arms in anticipation of the deluge of flowers, champagne and whatnot, but they're getting a bit tired now.