Friday, 16 September 2016

Cosmic Man

Tonight's blog title is named for Andrew, who so nearly pulled off a hat-trick off impressive wins.

We began with Cosmic Run, designed by Biblios Man Steve Finn. Unlike the GNN favourite filler, there's no hidden knowledge here, and - as yet- no shit-eating. But there's a fair bit of luck-pushing, as everyone tries to push their ships up 5 planet tracks before the planets themselves get blown apart by meteors.

Mix in some tech and alien abilities and it might sound like it's getting complicated, but it was actually super-simple. It was also fast, furious, and fun, and Andrew claimed his first victory of the evening, managing to twice get himself up the track on the hard-to-please number 5 planet by rolling five of a kind:

Andrew 61
Sam 60
Ian 38

There was some crazy talk of playing Railways before we settled on the equally-crazy Viticulture, the crazy game of high-tension booze production. Everyone sold a field! We began playing to the manner born, but although Ian's winery attracted many visitors, they pissed on the presses and puked in the cellar. No engine-building for you, as the boardgame nazi might say.

Whilst I built a small but diligently productive winery, Andrew concentrated on filling some big orders. In the end, they took him to a superlative victory as he obliterated the scoreboard on a high-drama final round:

Andrew 26
Sam 25
Ian 6

We finished with Push It. Could Andrew make it a clean sweep? It was a close game, with the scores at 9-9-8 at one stage - but ultimately, no:

Sam 11
Ian 10
Andrew 8

That was that!


  1. I just couldn't get started in Viticulture. Early on I pursued a visitor-heavy strategy as my Mama and Papa gave me a free cottage. Unfortunately, as Sam mentioned, my visitors were by and large useless, at least for me. I could probably have utilised them better, but they seemed to come out at the wrong time.

    I did have a pretty solid engine by the end of the game, but it was far too late. In the last round I was on the cusp of filling a couple of good-scoring orders which would have seen me end on a more respectable (though still lagging) 18, but the order-fulfilment spots were taken. Such is Viticulture!

    Cheers guys, was still a good evening!

  2. What I like about Viticulture is that - generally speaking - it's pretty fast-moving. But as I mentioned it has had criticism about those visitor cards: some feel disproportionately more powerful than others.

    Liked Cosmic Run a lot. Like a slightly more intricate Dice Heist.