Saturday, 31 August 2013

Work Rest and Play

All at the same time! Just to round off a record-breaking month for GNN posts, I met up with Sam for a little home improvement: namely, scraping carpet tape off a wooden floor. This job is slow and exhausting, and required frequent breaks, so we decided to set up a game on a little table which could distract us from the tedium.

We needed something that you could look at, and see what was going on. So, nothing with cards. Chess was suggested, but Sam had lost his chessboard. Tinners’ Trail? Couldn’t be bothered to learn the two-player rules. In the end, Scrabble was the game of choice, making a rare appearance on the blog (Chris and Sam played it once at a games weekend, but blogspot didn't have enough space for the tags of every game we played, so it was left off the list).

Sam was always the favourite, with his knowledge of two-letter words and experience of the game. He must've been confident, since he didn't challenge BALTIC, although he considered it. We both bingoed: Sam with RETAINERS and me with PRODDING but Sam's positional play was second to none. Luckily, right at the end I remembered that QI was a word, otherwise his victory would’ve been even greater as he closed out the game with the next move.

Sam 345
Andrew 293

Wow. Twenty posts in one month. What a crazy summer!


  1. I think our main game today was beat the gum. And we won - thanks Andrew!

  2. Around 300 is a good score for a non regular Andrew.

  3. Did you both bingo at the same time though?