Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Wild, the Innocent, and the Suicidal Shuffle

Andrew and I haven't managed to squeeze in a little Monday night session for a while now, but last night we had a shared 8 to 9.30 slot in which to squeeze in a couple of games.

Firstly we played the effervescent 7 Wonders, which was notable - to me at least - because of my score which I think is a new record. Neither Andrew nor Dirk contested me on military, and that combined with my Mausoleum of Halikarnnassus (which allowed me to build two discarded buildings for free) allowed me to put together a string of sciences too, culminating in 81 points. Thanks Gonz.

It looks like 61, but it's not

However if I thought the evening couldn't get better I had forgotten the charms and potential of Cube Quest, which after an initial burst of play has had a little turn on the shelf. 

Our first game was over fairly quickly and had it been the first play ever might have left us slightly underwhelmed. But the second was an epic. Skirmish after skirmish was fought around the perimeter of the battle, and at this point there was only small hints of the madness to come. But as we ran out of troops, the pressure told on both of us, and our armies began to take on an air of unregimented disorder. Wild flicks sent them careering off the board at a rate of knots, and the closest we came to defeating the opposing king were slightly fey slaps to the face as a wannabe hero flew by. At one stage my promising-looking flick propelled my cube kingwards, only for it to suddenly leap skittishly into the air and over the king to his own demise. 

After a breathless 10 or so minutes we were down to a Mexican standoff, with two cubes each left on the board.


We shuffled for position, and promptly both flicked our Grunts off the board with opposing kings unscratched.


Andrew moved forward to try and tempt me into a flick. I chickened out and move backwards, hoping to do the same. Andrew shuffled forward an inch. Then I decided that it was death or glory, and went for the kill. As it turned out it was death and glory, as after punching Andrew's king off the board my own reeled away in celebration and didn't look where he was going, falling off the table and leaving the kingdom entirely unpopulated. Why can't these guys just share?


  1. I think mine was the last highest at 70 odd....

  2. We've got to start filming these games of Cube Quest.

    Or maybe not...