Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Whose Top Ten?

Not my top ten games, and not yours. But all of us. Looking at the stats for games played since we started the blog it's interesting - okay, it's obsessive and unhealthy - to note which games have been played the most. For this list I'm disregarding fillers such as Trans America, Incan Gold, Biblios etc and just picking up on those longer games which have been played into double figures.

7 Wonders - 33 plays
Stone Age - 28
Alhambra - 26
Lords of Waterdeep - 22
Tinner's Trail - 21
Ticket to Ride - 17
Agricola - 14
Ra - 11
Railways of the World - 10
Ascending Empires - 10
Macao - 10

- with Brass just bubbling under on 9 plays so far. What does this tell us about our little group? Aside from the fact that this member has a limited attention span when it comes to drawing maps... That's what I should be doing right now. I think we should doff our caps to Lords of Waterdeep - for all the praise Tinner's Trail garners Lords has swept past it in pretty short order. Agricola would be higher had we started the blog a year earlier. And in a year's time I'd bet Railways will be higher.

Out of interest here's the top fillers list:

Biblios 33
Trans America/Europa 26
Tsuro 25
No Thanks 17
Poison 15
6 Nimmt 12
Roll Through the Ages 12
Incan Gold 11
Cube Quest 11


  1. Tinners Trail doesn't play with two, whereas all those above it get regular two-player outings (and are owned by both branches) so that makes TInners Trail king of . . . something. I'd doff my cap to Tinners' Trail, except I'm not wearing a cap. And my doctor told me to stop doffing.

    I'm also impressed that Railways has made it, since its debut outing just over a year ago (?) at Septcon. And given its unfounded reputation as an evening eater (its reputation as a table-eater is not in doubt).

    Ascending Empires being in there is a bit of a surprise though . . . interesting.

    Ooh, also I think Poison should be in there with the fillers Sam, thee are 15 plays listed.

  2. sorry yeah I'd left a couple out. Have updated now.

  3. I must hurriedly add that in doffing my cap to Lords I'm not keeping it on to TT. Far from it. I doff ever so slightly lower and for ever so slightly longer.

  4. Tinners Trail might make it to table here one day. I tend to be the one that gets the games and therefore there is a heavy me bias when purchasing. I liked TT but didn't LOVE it. I also tend to get games that scale due to Paul only being able to visit bi-weekly.

  5. That's understandable Chris. TT is still - I think - my favourite. But it's not everyone's cup of tea.