Monday, 15 September 2014

Go ahead Steampunk....

Finding ourselves with a block of time before we made the journey to see Guardians of the Galaxy James and I calculated we could probably squeeze in a quick game of Smash Up. To speed things up a bit we chose to only have 2 bases instead of the usual 3. I won the toss and quickly snapped up flavour of the day - Steampunks. James replied by selecting the untried Ghosts and then Dinosaurs (Randomly) and I then plumped for Aliens.

Since we started playing this game no one faction has stood out as being too strong for any others and only certain combos have gained notoriety. Currently it would appear we have found one in Steampunks. This faction seems to have a perfect combination of strong minions and really useful actions and combined, as I did, with Aliens it became a real force to be reckoned with. James found the Ghosts fiddly. To activate some of their best attributes the players hand needs to have only a few cards in it. This is a tough thing to achieve because very often your hand size grows and grows throughout the game.
The holy trinity of Action cards!

James found himself effectively locked out of at least one base at any one time during the game due to my cards which prevented him from playing actions. It became hard work. As bases built up with minions I was able to play strong point boosting cards and claim the 1st scoring place on bases I smashed.

It was the first game that wasn't really close which kind of took the shine off it.

Chris - 17
James - 8


  1. Nah. Still enjoyed it. Right now though, tis indeed hard to imagine the steampunk faction ever getting beat.

  2. I was thinking that about our preference for choosing factions the other day. It might be that the way that you did it could meet the best of both worlds. One chosen and one random.

    And maybe we can make Steampunks unavailable for a few games....