Friday, 7 November 2014

Sometimes thinking up the post title is the hardest bit.

After what has seemed like a long time all three of the Bracknell bunch were in attendance for Tuesday nights cardboard adventures. With everyone boasting a clean bill of health there was no autumn sniffles to keep anyone away.

To start James made his Timeline debut and in no time we were all cursing our rusting brains trying to work out was meant by the introduction of the clementine. A lot later that I thought, it turns out,  after I had placed it about 2000 years to soon? Introduced to where, exactly. The first game was tied between Paul and I and with no tie breaker evident we elected to do nearest to the date of the next starting card. I got pretty close to the invention of the something or other and won that. The second game was another tie between Paul and James this time. No tie breaker was undertaken.

So then with Paul's request of a proper board game and my realisation that Lords of Waterdeep hadn't been played in the 'The League' we were off to the tavern to recruit rouges and the like.  Some of the early buildings were very helpful in producing much needed adventurers and so aiding the completion of a steady stream of quests. We here tend to play the game a little confrontationally and a few mandatory quests got placed in front of opponents. With 3 players the Agents go from 3 to 4 at round five and this really tightens up spaces on the board there was a bit of spot nabbing by yours truly to prevent the others getting their preferred resources. It might seem like I have a vendetta against Paul as I've stymied him in the last round in the past. However, in this game he selected a risky 5 wizard (Purple) quest in round 7 and I felt if he completed that he would take first place, so I played an intrigue card that meant he had to put back a purple.  Just to make sure James wasn't left out I slapped him with a mandatory quest in the last round. I'm really a nice guy, honest. Despite this James still managed to complete a bunch of quests in the final round and he and I tied on points. The tie breaker came down to money which he had more of and became the true Lord of Waterdeep.

A big ask for the last round!

James - 152 (win on money)
Chris - 152
Paul - 124

Next, with a bit of time left we thought we'd squeeze in a game or two of Incan Gold. The first one was 'League' again. In this game the gems were flying and I managed a really good second round which meant I could be conservative in the following ones. In the second game Paul played the same tactic and his bravery in the face of snakes and Zombie ladies was unfaltering.

Chris - 60
Paul - 48
James - 43

Paul - 63
Chris - 54
James - 32

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