Monday, 24 November 2014

You're never more than eight feet from a gamer in Montpelier

Whilst Charlotte and I were walking to some friends for dinner on friday, my geek-sense suddenly began to tingle. Among some rubbish by the side of the road I noticed the unmistakeable cardboard husk of a sheet of board game tiles. I felt a warm glow - there are gamers all around us.

Can you identify the game?

And on that same subject - during the summer I noticed a car parked on our street with a Catan bumper sticker. Despite many covert tactics I never saw a driver, and by the end of the summer the car seemed to disappear for good. Then, two weeks ago, it was back.

You can also get one that says "I've got wood for sheep" . . .

Last monday, I left the house at dusk to pick up Bea from a friends and there was the car, with a woman just emerging. I couldn't help myself, I doubled back to speak to her - she looked faintly nervous. I explained that I had noticed the bumper sticker a few times, and she laughed. It's her boyfriend's car and they're staying with his sister, a neighbour of ours. She teases him about the sticker, but they both love the game. "It's a classic!", I said. She concurred - "We have all the expansions!".
I think at this point I must have moved towards her slightly in my enthusiasm at having found fellow gamers practically next door. "I have a room in my house filled with over a hundred boardgames!" I exclaimed breathlessly. She looked genuinely horrified and I think reached in to her handbag for some mace. Realising my error I turned and walked swiftly away, flushing with shame. 

I fully expect to see the bumper sticker to have gone next time I see the car - perhaps replaced with one that says Gamers - keep your distance!


  1. Haha. She's definitely telling everybody she knows about her narrow escape!

    Is it Carcasonne?

  2. It is! Well done Chris. Does anyone know the official term for these bits of card? I want to say 'sprues' (who doesn't?) but I think those are the little nubs of card which the die doesn't cut.

  3. Hilarious!

    I was about to identify Carc too, but Chris beat me to it.

    Games came up at the pub the other night (I think through an unrelated mention of the city of Essen!) and it turned out one guy plays Carc and another had a friend who's obsessed with Netrunner.

    Big piece on board games in the Guardian today too!

  4. This reminds me of the semi-serious conversation I was having with a friend about games which took a turn for the worse when I mentioned tin mining...

    I'm sure we've ruminated before in these comments how drier themes seem to invite more disdain, though being less 'childish' than orcs or magic etc you'd assume it might be the other way around.

    They're a funny lot, those non-gamers...

  5. It found myself cycling repeatedly past a stranger's home the other night. Attracted like a moth to glow of a cosy living room with four people (potentially even hipsters) playing board games with the curtains open. Wide open. Like they WANTED people to see them. You have to respect such brazen gaming. They were really apologetic about calling the police as well and chose not to press charges.

  6. Potentially hipsters. Potentially mass-murderers.