Monday, 16 May 2016

Short Report

This Sunday, Sam, Ian and I met up for some board games. Sam and I discussed Russian Railroads while Ian was on his way, and when we suggested it, he seemed amenable so Sam talked him through the rules. Once we were underway, I took a photo of the board, saying it was just in case something happened and we had to blog.

Well, something happened. Ian happened. He ploughed through the Trans Siberian to a clear victory, beating out my three-pronged attack and Sam’s... can’t remember his strategy. Anyway, Ian used his own track-moving engineers so efficiently, sometimes he was hardly using the board at all.

Ian 433
Andrew 366
Sam 320

Then we finished off with a mad blur of games. Ian won Heck Meck, too, after I ended the game picking up from the centre instead of rolling again to see if I could steal from Ian. Sam was disgusted by my lack of courage. And by my sneaking into second.

Ian, then Andrew, then Sam.

Next up was Push It. I won with a two pointer, pushing me to 8, and Ian and Sam came joint second, but I don’t remember how much they had. Five?

Finally, we chose Love Letter. All my best bluffing came to nought in this game, as Sam clocked up his second win in a row in Love Letter (which may go some way to compensating for his recent defeat at the hand of his son).

Sam 3
Ian 1
Andrew 0

Another evening done.


  1. My strategy in Russian Railroads was Copy Joe, but although I surged into an early lead with the Industry track, I'm not Joe. I lost my focus and ended up scrapping for points in a kind of haphazard fashion. Well done Ian!

  2. Russian Railroads was good, cheers folks. I did have a bit of advice mid-game that pointed out I was in a good position to go for the white track, so I did. Whilst it wasn't a huge amount of advice it did help me focus my strategy a bit.

    I'd be really interested to see if I could repeat that performance...