Thursday, 13 July 2017

A Feast for Adam

Thursday. Ian was absent, but in his stead stepped the recently-spotted Adam, who'd requested A Feast for Odin. I'd baulked initially, feeling a bit wiped out, but as Andrew and I perused the cupboard, we conceded that Adam doesn't get out much and it'd be nice to succumb to his request.


We might as well have allowed him to punch us in our naive, stupid faces the moment he walked in the door.  Despite this only being Adam's third play of the game, it was clear from halfway through the game that we were fighting over a distant second place in his yellow dust. There's something about the Hillmann brain - possibly all those spreadsheets - that allows him to connect the various cogs in a far more productive way than either Andrew or I were able to manage. Early on, as my whaling ships brought home the blubber and I set about emigrating early and building a veritable flotilla of knarrs, I thought I might stay competitive. But Andrew and I were as competitive as one-legged men in a triathlon.


Adam said the secret was to go exploring at the right time - around round 5, I think - but to be fair, you still need the infrastructure to fill your island with stuff, which neither of us had. It was a brutal, nordic, whipping:

Adam 142
Sam 111
Andrew 92

We polished off the evening with a blast at Kingdomino. I was so impressed with this game I immediately purchased it, but found Stan - who loves Odin - and Joe - who loves Outfoxed - less than enamoured. Probably a bit too abstract for both of them, to be fair. But Adam and Andrew both seemed to enjoy it a lot - there's something neat about the way the tiles are decanted and claimed that gives it far more depth than it initially seems to have.

why did we let Adam have this tile???

Which meant, inevitably, that Adam won:

Adam 59
Andrew 44
Sam 43

Two lovely games though and a nice way to round off the Occasional Thursday Night Club.


  1. Very nice. I thought I was doing okay in Feast For Odin, but clearly not. Sheep and cows just don't bring home the bacon. Ho ho.

    That domino game was fun too. Until Adam won. Grrr.

  2. Great blog, but I would never punch you in your naive stupid faces! Thanks for indulging my whim.

  3. Adam spotted two rules we'd missed as well - you can buy boats (instead of building them) and you can turn cows and sheep into rugs.

    Really enjoyed it, despite the thrashing. Joe we must introduce you to its charms - as a fan of Arle I think you'd really get into it.

  4. Yeah I'm ready I think - I always find these big games daunting when I haven't got in on the 'ground floor', as it were; but it's Uwe!