Saturday, 8 July 2017

Scythed Down

Today Stan and I found ourselves at home with a couple of hours before the next appointment (which happened to be his football team's awards ceremony). He requested a game of Scythe, and I readily agreed.

Stan set up as the Nordics, who are blessed with the ability to swim from early on, whereas the rest of us keep away from water until we've constructed at least one mech.

That's the tradition anyway, but I was playing as one of the 'Invaders from Afar' - the Orient, in this case (or as I referred to myself, purple), and my starting position meant I wasn't stranded until the evolution of mechs, I could just make my way to the interior as fast as I could go.

Unfortunately, I couldn't go very fast. The drawback of being purple is that your speed never increases, whereas others can go +1 on their movement by building the appropriate mech, who presumably gives everyone encouragement to give it a go. Movement in Scythe is pretty weird at the best of times, with characters and mechs being incredibly picky about where and when they can cross water.

But despite the lack of logic, it does have a lovely speedy flow of productivity about it. My special ability allowed me to leave traps, but we noted that in a two-player game it was easy for Stan to avoid them. He spread his workers and let his character roam, having encounters.

I was feeling pretty confident about the way things were going - I was well set for a few stars and had a strong hand of combat cards too. I warned Stan that - having stopped for lunch - we'd probably have to finish the game later. He nodded and abruptly put down his sixth star, ending the game with enormous popularity as I languished Tim Farron-like in the doldrums.

Stan 75
Sam 69

I was completely blind-sided by this, having been pottering about on my side of the board collecting wood to build a windmill.

This rude awakening was followed by the lads beating the dads at the dads v lads football match after the ceremony. Things have changed.


In the evening I introduced Sal to Honshu. She liked it so much, she held up the tablecloth for the last five minutes.

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