Thursday, 27 March 2014

Growing pains

On the trip back to the train station Paul admitted that he had been very tired this evening. We speculated that this might have been the reason why he had been in such fine playing form, posting two wins on the night. Was it possible that his weariness meant he had no other energy to draw and deflect away attention from formulating efficient strategies?..... Maybe.

We started off the first of tonights Bracknell league games with the crop building card game Nile. We had never played it with three before as it had previously always been a bit of a 2 player filler. James and I struggled to get crops planted of a diverse enough nature, whereas Paul gave a summary demonstration of crop rotation. I got stuck with a hand full of Papyrus and no chance to lay it as flood after flood of Papyrus came off the deck to prevent me from planting. After the third deck had been worked through our final harvest decks were revealed. Paul got at least two of everything where I was lacking in one type and James in two.

Paul - 2
Chris - 1
James - 0

Table cloth thematically sound

7 Wonders was happily unboxed next and the executive board decision was taken to use the B sides of the wonders. James got Giza with its appetising 20 points, Paul the Colossus of Rhodes, with only 2 stages, and mine was the Temple of Artemis with it's fairly uninspiring victory points.

Players strategies took a familiar path as sciences where largely ignored (By the end of age 2 I was the only player to have one) buildings quickly gobbled up and, Paul and I vying over the military.  In the third age Paul took the best guild which gave points for neighbours buildings and I was taking the best blue cards owing to the fact I was the only person that could use glassware. Luckily for me everyone was still ignoring sciences so I was able to add to my solitary one to make three of the same type and a valuable nine points.

Chris - 47
James - 41
Paul - 40

Finally we took on another game that up until now had only been played as a two player, Citadels. James and I were just working up to something that might have resembled tactics, if you cocked your head to one side, squinted and jumped up and down in a figure of 8 when Paul laid his 7th and 8th buildings. James and I had 4. Damn.

Paul - 27
Chris - 20
James -13

The table so far - Paul and James are joint second only separated by the order of the alphabet.



  1. Is there a Bracknell leaderboard?

  2. Might be able to find one out the back here.

  3. On the Division, Paul now just sneaks ahead of Chris by 1.32 points.

  4. Yeah! He had a good night. It was 2 wins and a 3rd place. Not as I originally had it 2 wins and a second.