Sunday, 9 March 2014

Triple Boing

Back in the mists of time (Thursday I think) I brought home Timeline Inventions and was greeted with disbelief - another game?!?

That was just the kids. They currently refuse to play anything other than Raj, but I decided the best way to win Sally around was to get her to play it. She remembered being embarrassed by her lack of historical knowledge when playing it before (Joe's copy) but as several games have proved, all of us are capable of being several thousand years out on our guesses.

glasses - old

Timeline couldn't be simpler - you have four cards and you attempt to place one accurately in the growing timeline on the table. Flipping the card reveals the correct year, and if you get it wrong you have to take a replacement card. First one to get shot of their cards is the winner.

Sally and I played three games and she won them all. "Boing boing boing!" she cried, "Get blogging!"

You see these non-gamers pretend they don't care, but they do.

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