Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Friday night's all right for fighting.

So last Wednesday's game was switched to Friday to allow for Paul's flying visit to ride on the wuppertal suspension monorail (Its a thing, look it up). James had been hoping all week that we could revisit our new game Smash Up such was it's impression on him. Paul was amenable but before that I lobbied for a quick game of Incan Gold. To sweeten the deal I reassured James that the rules were simple and that I had taught my kids to play. This seemed to give him some confidence as he strolled into an early lead staying in the first temple as Paul and I left with only our personal hauls. However after this he started to get cold feet and it was me who benefited from staying in. Then Paul and James got sucker punched by Zombie Ladies and the jewels were mine. ALL MINE HAHAHA.

Chris - 34
James - 31
Paul - 20

And so to Smash Up. Factions were chosen randomly this time with James getting Robots and Wizards, Paul taking Aliens and Tricksters whereas I received Dinosaurs and Pirates. The experience of our last game made this one a lot quicker and interactive. However, due to the nature of James's factions he was presented with an exercise in mental gymnastics each time he had a turn. After much shuffling we would then be presented with a string of moves that created some clever placements. The lead changed hands several times with each player making the most of their factions specialities, although my powerful dinosaur cards seemed uncharacteristically (Wow 20 letters!) shy. As with our first game James pulled the win out of the bag right from left field. Concentrating on a base which gave extra points for the amount of actual points you had attributed to it, he swooped in with an amazing microbot power up, stroke, magic extra minion playing move that saw him reap an impressive 6 or 7 points.

James - 15
Paul - 13
Chris - 12

For our final game we thought we could squeeze in a game of Kingdom Builder, but strictly non leaderboard as we had a bad habit of screwing up the rules each game. In fact it was me that nearly provided a game ending disaster when I let one of my orange settlements slip out of my hand to come crashing down on James and Paul's amassed pieces. After a little bit of detective work the original placings were worked out and the game restarted. The scoring cards for the game was Citizens, Hermits and Knights. Remembering how having a lot of individual settlements last time gained big points I stuck to this strategy and again it proved to be enough.

Chris - 57
Paul - 50
James - 39

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