Friday, 29 May 2015

Oh what a lovely boar

Games! Or, to be exact, one game. Joe and Sam had a hankering togive Caverna a turn on the table, and invites were sent out to myself and Ian. Unfortunately, Ian couldn’t make it so the three of us sat around Sam’s kitchen table which was just about large enough to hold this Super Agricola. (And, just like Agricola, anything that referred to a wild boar was accompanied by either Sam or I saying "Wild Boar!" in the style of "Wild Boys" by Duran Duran.)

It was new to Sam, and I hadn’t played in a long time so Joe talked us through the rules. Then we set off, our dwarves mined deeper and deeper and farmed the neighbouring forest and went on adventures to gain items or furnish caves/

Joe was a bit rusty on the rules of adventuring and when to level up, which lead to the three of us having some pretty powerful dwarves in our respective clans. But it was the same for all of us, so it can’t be considered unfair.

The game itself is a worker placement game with a myriad of options. There was quite a lot of thinking and I think each of us took a go back. During the game, items fell in and out of fashion. One place that supplied wood was barely used, and so ended the game with a veritable forest on it. Similarly, the Supplies option, which gave a range of items, was hardly touched.

Sam went big on animals, Joe got bonus points for ore and stone and I made do with points for gold.

It’s a nice game. The game constantly offers a number of options which all look good. The difficulty is in not having enough time or resources to properly take advantage of all of them. Considering this game perfectly recreates what’s wrong with my life, I’m surprised how much I like it.

Sam 78
Joe 75
Andrew 59


  1. I enjoyed my single game of this, but did feel that it would need several games to understand the context of options and what would make a good strategy.

  2. I really liked it. Far less stressful than Agricola with the whole oven race out of the picture...

  3. It feels to me like a more tactical game than Agricola. In Gric you form a strategy from the off based on your cards, and aim for actions that will maximise that whilst juggling the need for food etc.
    In Caverna, everything is more abundant, and the bonus rooms are out there for all. If someone takes the action you were planning on, there's usually something else you can do, that might alter your end game plan.

    I really like it, but I'm annoyed with myself for getting the adventuring rules wrong. It slowed the game down as we had more calculating to do, and because adventuring was more powerful than it should have been, I think a few spaces on the main board were neglected in favour of it.

    Wanna play again!

  4. I can't believe it plays up to seven. That would take so long, the game would almost play out in real time.

  5. Why didn't you invite me, looks right up my street ;)