Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Three is definitely not a crowd

Tuesday games night was a sparse affair. Half-term usually makes some kind of dent in that levels of attendance, but this week we were down to levels low enough that even I and my five chairs could host.

There was myself, Andy and Martin. With just three of us, any discussion regarding what game to play was cut short with the idea that we all choose one. My choice was Metropolys, a new game to me, but one that seemed interesting enough.

And I was right. It’s a simple, yet deep bidding game. Everyone has the same bidding tokens of 1-13 to try and win areas of the map, but each player has their own objectives and, additionally, placing a valid bid in an area which is a dead end immediately wins you that area (since each bid must be placed in an adjacent area).

This means that Martin’s tactic of biding his time until the end gave him a sudden push up the score chart.

Martin 43
Andy 31
Andrew 23

And Martin pointed out that during that game, he didn’t destroy a single archaeological site. “A lesson there for us all, I think,” he summarised. But I really enjoyed Metropolys. Given how simple the rules are, there are depths beneath depths here.

But Martin’s sensitive side did not last long. His choice of the evening was Impulse, and it was to be a battle-scarred game. Andy needed a quick rule refresher, as he hadn’t played for some time. For someone who didn’t like the game, he shot off into an early lead. Mostly thanks to Martin unsuccessfully attacking him.

I did an unthinkable thing: I retreated. Unsure of the intentions of Martin’s fleet of cruisers, I cowered in the corner until I was sure that the other two had weakened each other enough. Then I pounced. I ploughed into the middle of the board, reducing Martin to a single transporter. But even that is enough for Martin, and with his next turn he built up his forces and flew back into attack.

But Andy was too far ahead to be defeated. Even with a depleted army, he did enough to get to the twentieth point before too long, and I was quietly satisfied with my second place.

Andy 20
Andrew 15
Martin 10

Finally, Andy’s choice was Istanbul. We went for a random set up, and at first I felt a familiar sinking feeling as Andy and Martin picked up some early gems while I had none. But I hung around mosques and markets and before long I was able to swoop on the gem dealer twice in a row to tie the game on four gems all.

Martin needed a lucky roll at the Tea house to get enough cash to get his last gem on his next turn. He didn’t get it. Andy got enough money from the market so he was poised for the win. But they didn’t reckon with me. Even after buying two gems, I still had enough cash to get to the wainwright and grab the fifth gem. I picked up three gems in two moves for a remarkable comeback, even if I do say so myself.

Andrew 5
Andy 4 plus cash
Martin 4

And that was that. A quiet Tuesday... apart from all the bidding, battling, trading and gambling.


  1. A win each - that games night is way too balanced. It's broken!
    Sounds like a lovely evening, sorry I couldn't join you. I did play Tales of the Arabian Nights with Bea and Martha though.

    Martha ended the game Diseased, Wounded, Crippled and in prison.

    I had bad sex with a Djinn which was so awkward it left me grief-stricken. And then I got turned in to a dog.

    Bea won.

  2. You should have played your promiscuous wench card.

  3. Annoyingly, I was the only one of us who didn't have the 'seduction' skill, otherwise it would have been a very different story...

  4. I was hoping we'd play games with our guests but in the end it was just a lot of wine. But we did watch Games Night, so that's something.

  5. Thanks for hosting, Andrew. Good fun, even if Impulse is not really my game. I liked Metropolys and would be happy to give that another go. And I've always got time for Istanbul.

  6. Meanwhile, Istanbul was the one I'm still not that keen on. After the wild swings and drama of Impulse, it feels like such a tightly constrained efficiency race. But I guess we all like different things :)

    Glad everyone agreed on Metropolys - I think it's just wonderful.

  7. Would like to try that. Looks interesting. And I still haven't played Impulse!