Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Battleship Tempting

Joe's, Tuesday. Longstanding absentees from Easton were joined by Matt (working) and Andrew (tired). Chris, having joined us last week, found his work schedule a rather stymieing affair and was also ruled out. So Martin, Katy, Ian, Andy, myself (Sam) and Joe's friend Tim sat down at 8pm to play Codenames.

permanent, one

Joe and I were Spymasters. Joe's team consisted of Andy (who doesn't like Codenames) and Tim (who doesn't know Codenames). My team was Katy, Martin and Ian. Joe began with a doozy of a clue and suggested (pledged?) four words. Tim and Andy got three and passed. I went for three and the team got them. After that it got messy. Joe suggested refreshments which went wrong when one of our words were clued. I suggested crowd hoping that as well as match (which they got) my team might put together Mexico and Wave (Mexican wave, yeah?) Although Martin graciously approved of the clue after the fact, it was a bit ambitious.

Nonetheless we were still in a strong position, unless Tim and Andy could get three words in a single round... they did.

Joe, Tim and Andy: win
Sam, Martin, Katy and Ian: don't

We debated what to play with Lords of Vegas mooted. Despite several people agreeing to it though, it didn't get played for some reason. Katy was pushing for Ascending Empires, so myself, Tim and Ian joined her whilst the others played Joe's new purchase, Roll for the Galaxy.

I attempted to explain the rules to Tim and did a semi-reasonable job. At least, I didn't leave any vital rules out. But it's a lot to remember on a first play. My strategy - such as it was - was to get plenty of movement points by developing grey technology, then try and spread early and build fast. I managed that, and didn't really know what to do afterwards, so spent the second half of the game picking off easy targets.. usually Tim. Sorry Tim.

space-time continuum

Ian also spread handsomely around the table. Katy tried to develop all her technologies and our monopolisation of the grey planets got us labelled as "space c**ts", but she later took it all back... except for me. I remained a vacuum because after Katy built a battleship my starships kamikazed into every chance they got. It was pre-emptive stuff really, to stop her attacking my cities, but fairly brutal.  Tim meanwhile flicked himself into oblivion.

Sam 32
Katy 27
Ian 26
Tim 20

On the other table they were deep in their second game of Roll for the Galaxy after Andy had won the first. When I asked what it's like Joe paused, then said "fiddly" and Martin made an elongating grunting noise. Andy merely stared at the table, hypnotised.

space-time, continuing

I was still trying to shake off a cold so I left, while the rest of them played 6Nimmt. The Roll for the Galaxy scores were:

Andy  42
Martin  40
Joe   32

followed by

Martin  38
Andy  35
Joe  30

Martin then ran up another 6Nimmt win, as Tim was thrown in at another deep end... what happened to easy games for the newbies?

Martin 17
Ian 22
Katy 32
Joe 48
Andy 57
Tim 60

I'm sure Roll for the Galaxy will be discussed in the comments. Thanks all!


  1. Sorry for bailing last night, but I was in no fit state to play. I wondered if I could convince people to play a nice relaxing game, but I could only think of Takenoko and that's at Adam's.

  2. Sam was all up for a return to Tales of the Arabian Nights, which impressed me no end. But perhaps that's not terribly relaxing.

    Codenames was great - in fact refreshments (unlimited) went over fine, Tim and Andy got Ice Cream and Bottle I think, and then mopped up Olive from my earlier clue Gawain (2) (for Olive and Knight), for the win. On an earlier turn they picked Skyscraper as the fourth tragedy (4) (Ambulance, Hospital, Death and Ghost, see?) which was one of Sam's teams.

    I would like to have another crack at Roll - though I slightly felt like, why wouldn't I just play race as it's less fiddly. But the dice-rattling is fun (Charlotte disagrees).


    I don't fancy a crack at Roll, but that's only because I'm not a huge fan of Race.

    Hope you feel better soon Andrew. I am regretting coming slightly as my cold has returned somewhat vengeful. But Codenames is always good, and nice to play Ascending Empires as well. Katy, we must get you to play Cube Quest too. I think you'd be into it!

    1. Many have reported that Roll is liked better by those who didn't like Race, so it might be worth a try for you Sam.

      I think the main reason for Katy to play Cube Quest is so she can call someone a 'castle cunt'.

    2. Sounds even more suspicious!