Sunday, 4 October 2015

Five Years of Puns and Funs

Hey, guess what GNN! This month marks the fifth anniversary of the day we decided not to keep emailing each other like luddites and step into the twenty-first century with our own blog.

Well, hasn't time flown? We've had people come and go, empires rise and fall (usually in one evening) and babies galore in this semi-decade. To mark this event I didn't fancy another spreadsheet and instead I decided on a little puzzle for us.

Below are fifteen of the best, most apt puns that we've had describing certain games. Take a look and see if you can identify them. Of course, you could use a search engine to do the work for you, but where's the fun in that? Best of luck, and be warned: one game appears twice.

Inglorious Pasties

A flicker of interest

How do you solve a problem like Moria

Grape Expectations

Pillage Idiots

Keen as mustered

We need to talk about Kiev-ing

Do not pass ghost

Techs as Instruments

No Sachsen please, we’re Bm Luttich

Holmes Alone

Under Prussia

It's a shame about Reille

I pity the Thule

Jack, your body

SPOILER WARNING: answers are in the comments below, so if you want to play along, don't scroll down any more.


  1. Hah, nice. I think I can spot most of these, though I'm having trouble with Techs as Intruments. Might be Eclipse, I'm thinking...

  2. Happy birthday to us! Don't read this if you don't want spoilers - I think I've got eight with seven shots in the dark:


    Inglorious Pasties - Must be Tinners Trail

    A flicker of interest - Either Cube Quest or the space-flicky game that I've forgotten the name of. So I'll have to say Cube Quest.

    How do you solve a problem like Moria - Maria, the 3-way European war simulator!

    Grape Expectations - Pairs?

    Pillage Idiots - wasn't there a viking-themed game that get traded away after two plays?

    Keen as mustered - presumably a war game - maybe 1812 - the invasion of Canada?

    We need to talk about Kiev-ing - Russian Railroads?

    Do not pass ghost - Hugo!

    Techs as Instruments - Innovation?

    No Sachsen please, we’re Bm Luttich - Wallenstein!

    Holmes Alone - is this your single-player Sherlock Holmes exploits Andrew?

    Under Prussia - it can't be Russian Railroads again (although it could, apparently). Perhaps Hab and Gut or Thurn and Taxis. But no, it must be Wallenstein again.

    It's a shame about Reille - no idea

    I pity the Thule - Thurn and Taxis?

    Jack, your body - Mr Jack!

    1. That tallies with my thoughts Adam, although the Moria one must be Lord of the Rings, surely? Reille is The Waterloo game I think.

  3. I actually didn't get any of those until I read Adam's post...

  4. I think a flicker of interest was Ascending Empires but yes, could be Cube Quest. I thought Pillage Idiots would involve Village though.

  5. And so the answers are...

    drum roll, please...

    Inglorious Pasties -Tinners’ Trail
    A flicker of interest - Ascending Empries
    How do you solve a problem like Moria- Lord of the Rings
    Grape Expectations -Pairs
    Pillage Idiots - Ekethorp
    Keen as mustered - 1812 Invasion of Canada
    We need to talk about Kiev-ing - Russian Railroads
    Do not pass ghost - Midnight Party/Hugo
    Techs as Instruments - Ascending Empires
    No Sachsen please, we’re Bm Luttich - Wallenstein
    Holmes Alone - Sherlock
    Under Prussia - Campaign
    It's a shame about Reille - W1815
    I pity the Thule - Greenland
    Jack, your body - Letters from Whitechapel

    There were a few mean ones in there: It looks like no one could remember Ekethorp (even if Adam vaguely remembered it existed), and Campaign (the dice-based chess derivative) was only played once, so I'm not surprised no one got it. And possibly only Martin would've got Greenland. Ascending Empires was the game that appeared twice. It had techs in it, too.

    1. On my brief scan, I definitely identified Greenland, but I couldn't post from work and then forgot about it :)