Thursday, 6 October 2016

Appetite for Construction

The last few days - and evenings - of Sally's prolonged absence are now upon me, and I decided to see them out in much the same way I started them - by playing games to what to most people would be an obsessively unhealthy degree. But I'm not most people, and neither is Chris.

We sat down last night having set up Caverna, braced for the long haul. But of course, Caverna is only a long haul with four (or three, if Ian or Steve play) and we zipped through it nippily enough. Chris needed a couple of rule-reminders, but overall didn't seem too rusty. Three-quarters of the way through the game I saw that whilst my mountain was nearly dug, his was still the Dwarf equivalent of a embryonic maisonette. But any confidence I had evaporated as his plans seemed to coalesce over the last couple of rounds to facilitate some hectic building.


I held on for the win, but it was closer than I'd suspected it would be.

Sam 70
Chris 56

It was only half nine, so we had the option of taking on another Euro-y game. But Chris suggested Cosmic Run, and I'm never going to turn that down. Not after just playing Caverna, anyway.


I decided to pick up cards if I could, rather than ignore them, and did pay notional heed to that intent. But it's hard to ignore those tracks when the dice-rolling is good... whilst Chris seemed to pick up cards at every given opportunity, I only ended up with three in the fastest game of Cosmic Run I've yet played:

Sam 69
Chris 62

It was 10pm now and I was pretty tired, but agreed to one more game: FUSE, the game of co-operative bomb defusal. If anyone hasn't played this, it's a high-pressure hoot; the game lasts ten minutes exactly (unless you win, in which case it might be less) during which time you're trying to 'defuse' cards by placing dice on them of a certain colour, number, or combination thereof. We didn't realise I'd dealt too many bomb cards in the first game and exploded like amateurs snipping wires randomly. But the game had woken me up, so we went again, this time with the correct amount of cards... we dallied with doing the easier 'training' mission, before going for the standard one - and we did it! With literally ten seconds to spare. 


  1. Don't forget we actually high fived after completing that last Fuse game.

    There's not many games that compel you to do that!

  2. Indeed not. Forgot how good FUSE is.