Sunday, 30 October 2016

Major Improvement

Lucifer and all his little underling devils must have been pacing around the underworld this morning puffing out lungfuls of condensation and staring quizzically at the thermometer because last night I think Hell must have frozen over.

It was a Saturday night and I was expecting to be watching some of the poor fare served up by the terrestrial networks when Jacquie asked me "Did I want to play a game? Do you think I'll like Agricola?". Probably not was my first thought, remembering the time we almost got divorced over a Roll Through the Ages rules explanation. But there it was, a golden opportunity..... Apparently the cast of Orphan Black had been playing it in one of the episodes and it had peaked her interest. So set it up on the kitchen table and agreed that if at any point she was hating it we would stop, also that we would take the first game as a training game....


Anyway its Sunday evening and we've had four games of it already, the last one with the cards. This is such an unlikely event I had to blog it.