Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Key Decisions

Last night we were two as James was at home on baby duty for the evening. It was to be my unplayed Christmas present to myself Keyflower, which I had been itching to get to the table since I had snuck it home and hidden it in my games cupboard. Very honest and healthy marriage I have there.

Paul was completely new to it and I prepped him that he would need to get his mind ready to take on information. And this he did with great ease. In no time we were bidding on tiles generating resources and building little villages like nobodies business. Inevitably Paul was struggling to build on a strategy. He had his 3 winter tiles hidden and understood the benefit they gave the owner but to understand whether it was a better tile than the other is only gained through experience.
Green on green - a nice look

As the seasons wound round my experience told as Paul suffered at the hands of the transport and upgrade rules which take a little getting used to. When it came to placing down the winter scoring tiles I elected to place just one, that benefitted me, and Paul put down all three. I then quickly generated some green meeples (These are rarer than the other 3 colours) and then used them to effectively lock out my preferred scoring tiles. I wouldn't have got away with this against someone who had played before.

Paul still ended with a nice score though.

Chris - 91
Paul - 64

After this session I'm on the fence about Keyflower as a 2 player. It would probably get better as the experience of the two players becomes more equal. There is a lot of scope to do what you want but the skill appears to win certain tiles that benefit you more.

We then failed to play 7 Wonders to its conclusion. With 3 cards left in the 3rd era Paul was in the lead. He reckons I might of over taken him but I guess we'll never know!!!


  1. Looking forward to trying Keyflower soon... re marriage. What does Jacquie sneak into the house without telling you?

  2. Yeah well if that's true then that's means there's actually space for more games and that's annoying.

  3. That's what I think every time I throw something mouldy out of the fridge.